This website aims to pay tribute to one of the most beautiful coastal locations that Gran Canaria has our Maspalomas Beach.
The extraordinary environment that surrounds it, its magnificent dunes , spectacular and unique Palm Pond does nothing more than enrich the beauty of this magnificent beach of almost three thousand meters of golden sand, which begins at the Faro de Maspalomas and melts on the tip the same name, with her ​​sister Playa del Ingles. Forming between the two , a spectacular golden boomerang defining our dunes with the Atlantic Ocean.
This beach has an extensive local, national and international fame. And we dare say that probably the best beach in Gran Canaria. That is , without doubt , among the best beaches in the world , because in addition to its beauty, you can enjoy it throughout the entire year.

In a weekend can visit the 150,000 people between local people and visitors .
All of the above , amply justifies the creation of a good website , that brings quality , services and various information of this spectacular place . For those who know and those who do not , on the one hand , to enjoy daily from anywhere in the world with the real image of the beach and the other can learn more of its history, its significant natural values, Helping culture etc. .. , this knowledge, they have a greater respect and involvement in the improvement and conservation .
Like everyone else, we now know the Internet is the best medium to communicate and transmit information. This tool is justified, again, if the spectrum is intended to cover , is as wide as that which we have marked , Gran Canaria , Canary Islands, Spain , Europe, and , why not, the world.


With this website we aim to provide quality services to different user page and become a daily tool , efficient and dynamic on the beach of Maspalomas and its environment consultation , offering , among others :
Environmental information ; Flora, fauna and ecosystems of this place, regular information on cultural events in local and insular character , weather information, historical information ; this people, place names, etc. from the Lighthouse , route information . ; a car, a bike, architectural and archaeological information Township Heritage , etc. . and that we will be adding other services in our project development. As a network of environmental volunteering Maspalomas beach etc. .. We will also have several galleries of pictures from this beach since the early twentieth century to the present where we can observe and evaluate your progress .

The strength of this site is a Web camera that allows us to see a very high quality and resolution ( 640×480 pixels ) 24 hours a day 365 days a year is the day – night in our Maspalomas beach. Thereby satisfying the need to have thousands of local lovers of the beach , you know , as is the time in it. To decide if moving from Las Palmas de GC or other people on the island to enjoy the day in it.

We also serve to spread throughout the world via the Internet our competitive advantage over other tourist destinations , our mild climate throughout the year with the image of our fabulous beach of Maspalomas.
The Web site aims playademaspalomas.com eventually become a forum for dialogue for all lovers and users of this beach as well as economic, institutional and collective agents having some degree of link between all her to get this gift Still we are lucky to enjoy, endure and improve over time so they can continue to enjoy all future generations .