In July 2005, approximately 9 years ago, for personal love with this environment started this project, now in April 2014, it was time to adapt to the times and we’ve decided to improve it, renewing and modernizing it, to give more and better service to all our visitors. Offering any real information and online weather of Maspalomas and Gran Canaria and much more about this unique enclave; Services, History, Flora and Fauna, cultural activities and more.

First, thank you so very special to my family; my grandparents; Carmelina and Enrique and my parents Amor y Miguel Angel, because they gave me the sort of spending so much time during my childhood and adolescence in the shadow of this unique space, fueling my knowledge, respect and love for the beach and Maspalomas its surroundings. And also to my friends Juan A. Rosales and Jorge Melián because it was with them that I enjoyed during my childhood and adolescence in this unique and singular place.

Always appreciate the friendly disposition of Dñª Juani León, Tourist Information Office of the City of San Bartolome de Tirajana and assigned to this project for them material.
At the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria, his then manager, Ignacio D. Moll de Alba, and his team for their collaboration.
A D. Antonio Hernández Cordero, for their collaboration in the development of all environmental information from this website.

To all those who have supported me in the beginning, from their friendship or professional level to take this project forward as my friends Maria Herrera and Flavio Perez and in the workplace Yolanda Hernández with Virtual B for helping me start at the beginning and Javier Diaz Gomez canaltonight for helping modernize now in April 2014
I also thank XTG & Lenita and Amadores Beach Club for supporting signatures strongly at the beginning and thank you in advance to all commercial firms hope they join this project staff and their presence helps bring more quality and commitment to the project .

A Jaime to help defend unselfishly and very intense, this our Maspalomas beach that anyone defends
Finally I would like to dedicate in a very special way and with all my love this website to; Amor my sister and my son Diego. With Amor in Maspalomas enjoyed for less time than you ever would think, and with my son Diego I am lucky to be enjoying the day and having the fortune to convey the natural values ​​of Maspalomas personally. With great sadness because the brutal ongoing deterioration Maspalomas is suffering, the result of poor care, poor maintenance and neglect by the institutions that this ONE SINGULAR ENVIRONMENT and does not deserve.

Thanks to all, Best luck & health, Enrique Molina Giménez.