Tirajana organizes a course Hiking adapted

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senderismo adaptado

With chairs Joëlette
Tirajana organizes a course
Hiking adapted

Took place on Tuesday, June 17, from 09:00 to 13:00 hours, organized by the City in its program accessible town

The City of San Bartolomé de Tirajana want to go one step further in its social program to become an accessible town, organizing a management course Joëlette chairs for disabled people, whose enrollment is open to the public on June 2.

The course objective is to train drivers or porters of that chair in sport hiking without barriers, to enable persons with disabilities or reduced mobility can also perform outdoor activities.

The Joëlette chairs feature a single wheel and are specially designed and adapted for the physically and mentally disabled can-with the help of other people-walking all kinds of irregular or non-adapted soils.

The course, set in the program of the Department of Social Services ‘San Bartolomé de Tirajana Accessible 2014’ will be held on June 17 in the morning from 09:00 to 13:00. The registration period at a price of 20 euros and limited and rigorous order of entry will open on Monday, June 2 and end on Monday 16 March. Those interested can obtain more information on the Sports Department.

Robert Martel, councilor in charge of the municipal area of ​​Wellness, Quality of Life and Solidarity says this course adapted hiking transferred the management objective of the chairs, because “in the background is being sought integration and participation of residents in solidarity by the possibility of carrying out an activity outdoors sharing disabled “.

This initiative has the support of the Sports Council and the Centre for Rural Management belonging to the Local Development Agency, and is financed by the project “Accessible Gran Canaria ‘Sociosanitario Social Institute and the Council of the Island

The course program aims to train pilots in the knowledge and use of these chairs consist of a seat mounted on a wheel motorcycle type with four arms, two front and two rear, equipped with support legs, security tape, bra feet, disc brakes, suspension, cushions and headrest.

The Joëlette were designed in the late 80s of last century by Joël Claudel, French mountain guide founder of the Association Handi Cap Evasion, Stéphane for his nephew, disabled, could go hiking in the Alps with the rest of the family.