The cultural agenda of the summer will reach all corners of San Bartolomé (Maspalomas)

by / Wednesday, 05 July 2017 / Published in noticias

The City Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana offers a cultural and leisure agenda for the neighbors of the municipality and all its visitors during this summer. The agenda of activities will reach all neighborhoods

Activities will take place in July and August. The main themes they deal with are socio-cultural animation, cinema, fine arts and performing arts. All these activities will be directed especially at minors. The events are aimed at entertaining the population of the municipality in the months of summer vacations.

The neighborhood of San Bartolomé de Tirajana will enjoy summer workshops, clowns, children’s parties, movies. In these two months the population will have diverse activities that will bring together audiences of different characteristics. In addition, the offer is distributed in the various neighborhoods of the municipality so that all citizens have opportunities to attend various events.

In the case of sociocultural animation, it includes various summer workshops, clowns, children’s games, dances, gymkhanas, parties, excursions, etc. All these events are held throughout the month of July. The children’s parties are celebrated in El Matorral, Cercados de Espino, La Data Mountain, Montaña Blanca, Montaña Arena, Tunte, Km 40, Lomo Galeón, Lomo Perera, Calderín and Ayagaures. There will also be an excursion to Aqualand, one of the most attractive activities for the youngest, which will be on July 19.

In relation to the events related to cinema, there is a varied billboard that will be developed in different neighborhoods, although the largest offer can be seen in the Urban Park of the South, between mid-July and early August. Between the films they can be emphasized, Allies, A Monster Come to see Me or The Journey of Arlo.

Plastic and Stage Arts

Among the activities of plastic arts, the Rincones de Arucas exhibition, which will be offered from July 7 to 27 at the Centro Cultural El Tablero, stands out. Another experience will be In progress, which is related to photosensitive practices applied to engraving. There will also be workshops on stamping and cyanotyping in Casa de Saturninita.

In the performing arts there are activities related to three areas: theater, music and dance. Some of them are: summer workshops of the Municipal School of Music or puppet events. To attend puppets of Blackjack, a play by Federico García Lorca performed by The Classical Theater Company Maspalomas, will have to pay an entrance fee of € 5 and will be held at the Juan Grande Cultural Center on July 7.

Also it will be possible to attend concerts like the one of Pop music in Dream of a summer night in the Place of the Panel or the play Púas wants to be famous that will be celebrated from the 12 to the 27 of July in diverse districts of the municipality. Another event to be highlighted is the Maspalomas Costa Canaria Soul Festival which will be held on 28, 29, 30 July in La Playa de San Agustín, as well as the International Festival of Trumpet Maspalomas, from 16 to 22 July. In this event there will be an opening concert, young jazz, two bands and closing concert.

For some activities you need previous registration in the cultural centers of the different neighborhoods of the municipality. All this cultural offer tries to satisfy the needs of the neighbors of the municipality or the people who are here during the summer months