Playa del Ingles, Canary pioneer in the installation of a ‘help point’

by / Wednesday, 25 November 2015 / Published in noticias
Playa del Ingles, Canary pioneer in the installation of a 'help point'

The device has support 1-1-2 permanent connection and offers video conferencing and messaging for the hearing impaired
Playa del English becomes the first point of the entire coast of the Canary Islands have a device and emergency aid for the use of citizens who do not have their own means at the time of an emergency arise, providing a direct connection to the coordinating center 1-1-2. The offer of the City of San Bartolomé to the Directorate General of Security and Emergency enabled the first tourist resort of the Canary Islands was chosen for the commissioning, on a trial basis this service commonly used in Europe and is known as 'help point'.
The mayor of San Bartolomé, Marco Aurelio Perez Sanchez, signified the importance of the implementation of "this point helps people on our beach, which is peak traffic". He also highlighted the first the importance of installing on the Beach "a pioneering system in the Canary Islands", highlighting the collaboration Security and Emergency and interest of British Ambassador Simon Manley, to know the security features available to one of beaches "frequented annually by about 4 million British tourists," he said, highlighting that "Canary is in the heart of the British." Charmaine Arbouin (consul of Spain South) and Esther Martin (British Vice Consul in Las Palmas) were also at the ceremony.
Juan Francisco Padron, Director General of Security and Emergency of the Canary Government thanked "the willingness and cooperation of the City of San Bartolomé to install mechanisms that make it possible to bring security to the citizens", also thanking the collaboration of the Fress Foundation which pays the initiative. CECOE director, Luis Santacreu, gave details of the aid system to the public safety, "which is a common element throughout Europe, adapted to the peculiarities of the Canary Islands". The device that houses this 'help point' is powered by solar energy and is connected to 1-1-2 prepared to meet in four languages ​​and establish systems for video calling and messaging for persons with hearing disabilities.