Dreams Concert, Daniel Negrin. Finca MonteCristo

by / Friday, 07 August 2015 / Published in noticias

Saturday, August 8. 20, 30 hours.
Dreams Concert, Daniel Negrin. Finca MonteCristo

A sound and evocative journey where many musical instruments that create the magic that opens us to a world of imagination and creativity is used. It is a show where the audience stands with eyes closed part of the time (a version in which the public remains lying on a mat, with her eyes closed is also performed), while original music compositions created to transport the viewer to be represented imaginary places. Scents (aromatherapy) are used as instruments (gongs, Tibetan bowls …) that pass between the wizards generate a 3D SOUND. Concert for the senses. After the performance, you have a feeling of relaxation and well-being; and those most sensitive capacity, have the feeling of having made a journey to imaginary places, the sensation of floating, childhood memories … is a journey into oneself. A SHOW transformer.